Feeling healthy with Slammers, superfood snack in a pouch #slammers #slammerssnacks #organic #fuelforfun #fuelthefun #fuelforschool

Celebrating Back To School The Healthy Way – With Pouched Superfood

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Feeling healthy with Slammers, superfood snack in a pouch #slammers #slammerssnacks #organic #fuelforfun #fuelthefun #fuelforschool 

Going back to school is such an exciting time for the kids. We have a Kindergartener and a 1st grader this year!! I love seeing all of their emotions on that first week – the butterflies, the smiles, the excitement, a little bit of fear and uncertainty, and the extra hugs I get in the morning!

Feeling healthy with Slammers, superfood snack in a pouch #slammers #slammerssnacks #organic #fuelforfun #fuelthefun #fuelforschool

With the new year, my old friends the lunch and snack boxes, made a come-back in my nightly routine. Keeping those brains and bodies active requires quite a bit food and we’re always on the lookout for quick and healthy solutions. My kids are always on the move and they need a good supply of vitamins and protein to keep them going and focused throughout the day!

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When I really want to make Mark and Ava happy, I pack one of their favorite snacks. I know they love the excitement of opening their lunch boxes and seeing what I put in there. For a sweet touch, I choose Slammers because of the organic fruits, veggies, and vitamins packed in the cutest pouch and perfect for active kids!

Feeling healthy with Slammers, superfood snack in a pouch #slammers #slammerssnacks #organic #fuelforfun #fuelthefun #fuelforschool

Aren’t those pouches the cutest thing? I have always loved packing pouches for the kids. They’re my no-mess, go-to portable snack for school and after-school, since they don’t need to be refrigerated and my kids love them. Hey, anything to make this mama’s life easier and more efficient! What I love about Slammers is the variety of tastes they offer! No more plain apple sauce every day. My kids love experimenting with new options like cherries, purple carrots, chia, açaí, mango, greek yogurt, and so much more! It develops their taste and they don’t even realize all the goodness that is packed in there!

Feeling healthy with Slammers, superfood snack in a pouch #slammers #slammerssnacks #organic #fuelforfun #fuelthefun #fuelforschool

When I prepare food for my school kids, I gear towards healthy options. Slammers is all organic and non-GMO, with no artificial colors or flavors. It is also a safe option for school with no peanuts and no gluten! While my kids LOVE the taste and the design, what I love most is what’s inside. Slammers pouches are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and 7 grams of proteins, keeping Ava focused on her reading and Mark ready to hit the playground! Since Slammers offers 6 different flavors, I can give them a nice variety throughout the week!

Feeling healthy with Slammers, superfood snack in a pouch #slammers #slammerssnacks #organic #fuelforfun #fuelthefun #fuelforschool

I love school pick up time! I have missed those crazy kiddos and seeing their faces makes me happy. I’m sure they’re happy to see me, but what truly excites them are the after-school snacks I carry! And since we live in Florida, our afternoons are packed with outdoor sports and activities! Nothing quite like jumping in the pool after a hot day! A nutritious snack equips them to stay energized and have what they need to fuel their fun! They can safely run from school to pool without missing a beat! Because that’s how they roll!

Feeling healthy with Slammers, superfood snack in a pouch #slammers #slammerssnacks #organic #fuelforfun #fuelthefun #fuelforschool

Yummy-tip: my kids’ favorite way to enjoy their Slammers Snack? I pop them in the freezer about an hour before end of school and they enjoy them cold and slushy by the time we get home! I get the best of both worlds – they get “ice cream” (in their minds) and I get their bellies full of awesome nutrients!

Who Is Slammers?

I love their story and thought I needed to share. The founders, Jen and Jill, are two regular moms of active children, who wanted a healthy and practical snack alternative to ease their hectic schedules. I love seeing Mom entrepreneurs take a problem and turn it into a successful and high quality business!

Feeling healthy with Slammers, superfood snack in a pouch #slammers #slammerssnacks #organic #fuelforfun #fuelthefun #fuelforschool

Find out more about Slammers Snacks on their website and connect with them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Let’s share how Slammers keeps our kids healthy and active with hashtag #FuelTheFun and #Slammers.

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Feeling healthy is easy with Slammers, superfood snack in a pouch #slammers #slammerssnacks #organic #fuelforfun #fuelthefun #fuelforschool

Feeling healthy is easy with Slammers, superfood snack in a pouch #slammers #slammerssnacks #organic #fuelforfun #fuelthefun #fuelforschool

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  1. I like pics. The kids are really cute and enjoying. And these eatables look good.

  2. I’ve been hearing a lot lately about this product. Even adults are talking about how much they love Slammers! I”m going to have to try them now.

    • Yes!! Please do! I had never heard of them before and I am totally impressed by the product and love the story of the founders! It’s the kind of product I just feel REALLY buying!

  3. Ann Snook-Moreau

    I realize these are for kids, but I might have to get some for myself! It’s nice to have a snack option that’s healthy and easy to eat.

    • Ann, I had to laugh at this. The first night we packed those in our kids’ lunch boxes, as my husband twisted the cap to make sure our 5-year old wouldn’t have issues opening it the next day, we looked at each other and each took a sip of his Slammers 🙂 A couple of hours later, I walked in the kitchen to see my husband, Slammers in hand, enjoying every sip of it! They’re definitely great for adults too, and contain so much good food, they’re the perfect snack while on-the-go!

  4. These would be so great for my kids! My kids never want to sit long enough to eat so I don’t ever feel like they are getting enough nutrients.

    • Yes, it would be perfect for little ones always on the go! After school, mine need to let out all of their energy and can’t sit still either. Slammers pouches are perfect for them!

  5. Jessica Taylor

    My daughter loves these! Love how easy they are for on the go!!

  6. What a fun snack! I wish my daughter loved these squeezable pouches! She is not about them…UGHHHH.

    • Oh no… I’m sorry to hear. If she likes smoothies and yogurts, she might really like those. They are very different than the regular apple sauces usually found in pouches. And if you put it in the freezer before giving it to her, they turn into a slushy kind of texture. My kids love that!

  7. These are health, taste, fun everything that you want to give your kid. And I am sure this will be accepted without any fuss.

  8. I wish I could get my kids to like something like that. They take the teeniest, tiniest taste and decide it’s not for them. Everything always goes to waste. At least, they like the fresh fruit, but that means washing and cutting/chopping and who has time for that?

  9. I need these for my active girl. Love that it came from moms too that considered health first to make this.

  10. Pouched is seriously delicious! I have 3 cases of it!

  11. My niece is active and will surely be thrilled with this product! She likes delicious drinks like Slammers. I like that it’s healthy.

  12. I have never heard of this product but as I reading this it is a great and delicious drinks prepared for kids but I am it can also try by parents. Hahaha!

  13. Princess Quinn

    My kids would really love this super food pouches. Sure it won’t be hard to feed them as long as they drink something refreshing and nutritious as these drinks.

  14. We love pool days as a family. Picking out the snacks is always part of the fun –more so when you have kids.

  15. I’ve been hearing a lot lately about it. I’m going to have to check them out! I think my son would love it!

  16. I bought these for my kids the other day and they love them! They’ve been begging me to buy more ever since.

  17. I’m always looking for a great healthy snack. I will be checking these out for my daughter and myself. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Thanks for sharing this, I have never heard of Slammers before and always look for healthy and tasty snacks for when my g-kids come over.

  19. I need that for my son he would love it! You bought me with healthy and superfood:)

  20. These are great and perfect for lunch boxes! My kids would absolutely love them x

    • They truly are! Tonight, my son was asking for one in his lunchbox and one in his snack box 🙂 They’re obsessed and I love how easy they are to pack!

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