Non-Stop Discount Flights to Europe – With Norwegian Air

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Most of us would venture to far-away destinations if plane tickets were cheaper. I might just have the solution for you, with no compromise on quality! If I told you that you could fly to Paris for $195 one-way from L.A., $175 from Florida, or $145 from NYC, would you see yourself traveling more?

Being from Europe, living in the U.S., means that we fly back and forth quite a bit. With 3 kids in tow, paying for 5 full airfares can be very costly and we used to only fly back once a year. Now that we have discovered Norwegian Air however, we are able to go back more often and make sure the kids don’t miss out on precious family time.

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Norwegian Air

I hate calling Norwegian a discount airline, because of the negative connotation attached with that word. I prefer thinking about it as a low-cost long-haul airline.

What our family loves best about Norwegian is the extensiveness of their non-stop flights. If you are traveling with young children, especially, you will love the convenience of their non-stop flights.

We have flown direct to Oslo, Paris, and Barcelona from Florida and loved everything about our experience.

Modern Fleet

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They have one of the youngest fleets in the industry, with brand new and beautiful aircrafts. We loved the dialing shading windows, ambiance lights mimicking the various time zones, and new and bright interiors.

Only Pay For What You Need

When we fly eastbound, from the U.S. to Europe, flights typically leave late at night and fly through the night. We pack ourselves a dinner for the airport, hop on the airplane and everyone is tired enough to go to sleep.

We don’t need meals or drinks and appreciate not having to pay for it. On the flight back, which are daytime voyages, we pre-purchase the meal and drink upgrade.

You can also save by not reserving a seat and purchasing less luggage. So if you were to fly from NYC to Paris with only a hand luggage, no seat reservation and no onboard food, you’d be charged the one-way charge of $145, including taxes.

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True Non-Stop Flights

Unlike many other airlines, Norwegian does not transfer through a hub. In other words, their flights don’t layover in Oslo, for example. They are truly non-stop flights from your U.S. airport to your international destination, and vice-versa.

You will also find that you fly to and from actual international airports. There is no scam with destinations. When you book a flight to Amsterdam, you fly to the actual international airport… not a small airport an hour and a half away from the city.

Free Wifi

I love this one! One way for Norwegian to keep their prices low is by having a modern fleet that uses less fuel and by keeping their planes light by not equipping each seat with a screen. Instead, Norwegian gives you access to free wifi on most of their European flights and flights between the U.S. and the Caribbean.

In-Flight Entertainment

When traveling long-haul, expect a modern aircraft with individual screens and in-flight entertainment. One more reason I don’t like to call them discount!

Caribbean in Winter

Norwegian Air allows you to fly across oceans at a discount price with top-notch service | Pay only for what you need | Cheap flights to Europe | #Norwegian #NorwegianAir #FlyNorwegian #DiscountAirline #DiscountLongHaul #FlytoEurope #EuropeanFlights #CheapFlightstoEurope #nonstopflights

Longing for warm sun in the winter? Norwegian is flying from select American cities to the French Caribbean. Ever wanted to visit Martinique, Guadeloupe, or Cayenne? I am seeing one-way flights to Martinique for $99 from NYC and $69 from Fort Lauderdale!!

Great Service

No matter where you are flying to, Norwegian does not compromise on service. Their crew, mostly American, is always ready to help with a smile. We have only had wonderful experiences flying with them.

Flying Premium

The premium cabin is available on Norwegian’s international long hauls. It is a hybrid between what is formerly known as Economy Premium and Business Class. With 55 inches of leg space, you won’t lay flat, but close.

Included in the price of your ticket are 2 meals, complimentary drinks, seat reservation, 2 checked bags of 20 kg, fast-track check in, lounge access in selected airports and a USB charger and power outlet at your seat.

And my favorite feature is the price tag – 2 to 3 times cheaper than on other airlines.

Where To Book

Norwegian Air allows you to fly across oceans at a discount price with top-notch service | Pay only for what you need | Cheap flights to Europe | #Norwegian #NorwegianAir #FlyNorwegian #DiscountAirline #DiscountLongHaul #FlytoEurope #EuropeanFlights #CheapFlightstoEurope #nonstopflights
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You can book directly online on their website or use the help of a travel agent.

A travel agent will be able to offer you a package, inclusive of seat reservation, 2 checked bags, and food on board.

If you are thinking about booking your next trip with Norwegian, I’d be happy to help you get some of the best value in the air!! Just email me at 

Where Are You Going To Next?

48-hour travel guide to Iceland #iceland #visiticeland #icelandtravelguide #48hoursiniceland #icelandairstopover #quickicelandtour #icelandin48hours #icelandmustsees #icelandideas #whattoseeiniceland

We are thinking about going back to Iceland sometimes soon and travel the northern part of the country. We will be checking Norwegian’s fares when booking that trip. I hope you find their value as high as we do and can enjoy traveling to far-away destinations more often!! It is a BIG world with so much to see…

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Norwegian Air allows you to fly across oceans at a discount price with top-notch service | Pay only for what you need | Cheap flights to Europe | #Norwegian #NorwegianAir #FlyNorwegian #DiscountAirline #DiscountLongHaul #FlytoEurope #EuropeanFlights #CheapFlightstoEurope #nonstopflights

Norwegian Air allows you to fly across oceans at a discount price with top-notch service | Pay only for what you need | Cheap flights to Europe | #Norwegian #NorwegianAir #FlyNorwegian #DiscountAirline #DiscountLongHaul #FlytoEurope #EuropeanFlights #CheapFlightstoEurope #nonstopflights

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  1. Wow great to know! I had not heard of Norwegian before this. I will check it out. We are always looking for flight deals.

  2. We’ve never flown Norwegian. I hope to do so one day now with this awesome information you’ve provided. Sounds like a great airline! Thank you for the info!

    • No problem Cynthia. They’re one of the fastest growing airlines in the world and connecting more and more cities from Florida. We’re lucky to have 3 airports they fly out of in our state 🙂

  3. So excited for this. We fly Norwegian to Europe and we have to drive to Orlando or Ft Lauderdale for nonstops yo Paris. Hopefully this London>Tampa route will be popular so Norwdgisn will bring other nonstop Eruopean flights (hint; Paris!) to Tampa!

    • Oh my goodness, I talked to them last week and their very latest route, starting this week, is a route to Tampa, but I can’t exactly remember to where… Scandinavia I think…?

  4. Great to know this! I am glad I stumbled upon your article! Will check out Norwegian every single time that we fly to Europe!

  5. I flown on the Norwegian dreamliner for first time last December from London to Oakland and its perfect! Fantastic airline, totally recommend them. I also travel on them a lot short-haul across Europe, i cant fault them!

    • I am so glad to hear that you like flying Norwegian too, Danik! We have only had good experiences with them and nothing beats the price for a family of 5!

  6. We travel with three kids too. The price of tickets for the five of us can be astronomical. Norweigan Air looks amazing! I’m going to see if they fly from Canada right away. We haven’t booked our tickets for next summer yet!

    • Yes Joanne, they fly from Toronto and Montreal! From Toronto, you can fly direct to the UK and Scandinavia, as well as several U.S. cities. From Montreal, you can fly direct to the French Caribbean, which I love so much!! Happy planning 🙂

  7. I’ve never heard of Norwegian Airlines, but they are definitely on my radar now. I like all of the little details, like dialing shading windows, ant the lights mimicking time zones. It also is comforting to know that you are flying to the major international airports, and not the smaller, regional airport. And those prices! You cannot beat that.

    • I know right! Flights under $100 to exotic airports are hard to beat. And if you like flying premium, the flight prices are a fraction to that of other major airlines for similar service. They’re great!! Thank you for reading, Lance!

  8. Thanks for introducing me to Norwegian Airlines. I am from Asia and I when I checked their website, I learned they have flights from Thailand and Singapore. I’ll check their flights out myself and also tell these to my friends in the US.

  9. Janiel Green

    I’m always no the lookout for cheap flights, without getting the cheap squished seats— so this airline def peaked my interest. The fact that they have free Wifi is what truly sold me though. I really love that they are TRUE non-stop flights, and not a ‘we will have a connecting flight, but you don’t have to get off the plane’ sort of flight. Super important for families I’m sure

    • This is too funny, you just reminded me of the one time our non-stop flight included a pit stop for fuel on a random island. One of those “stay onboard” hour and a half long pit stop with a 13 month old at the time… 🙂

  10. I have always seen Norwegian airfares to the US from Europe and I’ve been very sceptical. However, you have changed my mind! It looks lovely, new planes sound great and not some weird airport miles away is good. (Ryanair needs to learn from them) Not having food or a screen can actually be quite useful, especially with the free wifi ! Great review

    • Thank you Amber, I am glad you found the review helpful! And if you choose to purchase the food, we have always been quite impressed with it 😉

  11. When I read “Non-Stop Discount Flights to Europe”, I had to read this post and I am so happy I did. Norwegian Air seems like a perfect option when planning a trip to Europe from US. Free WiFi sounds amazing. Its good to get first hand experience and feedback when trying a new airline. If their service is good and they provide convenient options, think it is a consumer friendly approach.

    • That’s right, they are very consumer friendly and our family has always been treated very nicely by their staff and crew! And it definitely makes a European trip a LOT cheaper 🙂

  12. My partner found a last minute flight on Norwegian from London to Singapore. He too was concerned about the negative connotation – and considering his flight was 13.5 hours – the comfort level was a big concern as well. He elected to go premium and actually really enjoyed his flight as well. It was the least expensive option for a last minute international flight and we have said that if we find great deals we would be open to flying again.

    • That’s awesome! And yes, you can pretty much fly premium for the price of an economy seat on other airlines, which is great and includes 2 checked luggages!! Glad you had a good experience!

  13. I always used to think that Norwegian airlines are expensive but it is good to know that they run discount flights with many good deals. It is good to know they provide free Wi-Fi as it is very much required in long flights.

  14. Robin Brownsworth

    Some really nice stuff on this site, I enjoy it.

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