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Morning Routine – 10 Tips For Stress-Free Mornings With Kids – How To Have 3 Kids Car-Ready In 20 Minutes!

Oh beautiful morning routine…. Who doesn’t like a rushed school morning, where you ask your kids 1,001 times to put their shoes on, the water bottles are MIA, and you forget to pack your daughter’s field trip money….

It actually takes a lot less organization than you think, to move over to calmer mornings. I won’t call them calm, and I won’t tell you that I don’t yell at kids playing Lego instead of putting their shoes on… yes, I do need to ask 5 times, but for the most part, we get the 5 of us ready, from wake-up to buckled in the car, in 20 minutes, thanks to a well-oiled morning routine.

1- No One Goes To Bed Until Homework Is Done

I hear many moms at school, tell about their kids finishing up their homework at breakfast.

We have a golden rule in our house. It is respected and, while it might not seem fun to the kids, it works best!

When we get home, I give the kids a snack. As they finish eating, everyone starts their homework. Everything that was assigned that day, no matter when it is due, needs to be completed as soon as we get home.

So far, homework has never taken longer than about an hour, and we usually get it done in less than 30 minutes.

But our kids know that, once their homework is done, the rest of the day is theirs to spend as they please. Doing homework is not fun and we want to be done with it.

That way, we don’t have any late nights, or early morning rush, to finish everything that is due that day.

2- Get As Much Done During Weekends As Possible

I love that our kids get a monthly planning of homework and tests. On Saturdays, we sit down and do everything we can do ahead of time – which is usually spelling and writing.

That way, on week nights, we only need to do the short math homework assigned each day!

If you are a meal planner, weekends are a great time to cook and pre-package their lunch and snack boxes.

If wish I could give you amazing tips but I am not a meal planner and usually wing dinners based on what is in the fridge and what we’re in the mood for 🙂

My life goal would be to be able to have all of their meals ready over the weekend. It is my most-hated chore but I also feel like I’d need a whole separate fridge to stock it all.

Check our Lisa’s article for ideas – she has 2 sets of twins and likes to photograph her kids’ lunch boxes. I love the inspiration!

3- Nighttime Shower Time

I feel like this one divides our world in 2 categories: there are the morning shower-ers and the nighttime shower-ers.

I love showering everyone at night for 2 reasons:

1- they go to bed clean from their day of sweating, school, and sports
2- we don’t waste precious sleeping time, showering in the morning!!!

I also like the relaxing effect of showering or bathing at night. The warm water, followed by drying up and just wanting to jump and cozy up in bed!

4- Stick To Their Bedtime

10 Tips for a Stress-Free Morning Routine and Getting 3 Kids out of the House in 20 Minutes or Less | parenting tips | #parenting #parentingtips #morningroutine #lifehacks #mommying #mommytips #organization #familylifestyle

You know how they tell you to have bedtime routines? While we are not overly strict on the actual routine, we follow a general sense of: teeth, potty, reading, bed.

What we are strict about is their bed time however. I believe in sleep, and want them to sleep as long as they possibly can.

Their bed time is 8PM and non-negotiable. On Monday nights, when we get home late from gymnastics, it means less time for reading, but they will be in bed by 8PM.

We recently allowed our 7-year old to read an extra 15 minutes in her bed since she can’t seem to fall asleep at 8PM anymore.

But I am a strong believer in a strict bed time, allowing them to wake up rested the next morning!

5- Get All Outfits Ready At Night

This is, honestly, my biggest time-saver in the morning routine, and what allows me to wake up just 20 minutes before we leave for school.

As I put them to bed at night, I spend 5 minutes in each kid’s bedroom and prepare their outfit for the next day.

I then bring everything downstairs and have a pile for each child on the couch.

In the morning, it’s as easy as asking them to get dressed. Everything from socks and underwear to sweaters and beanies are ready!

6- Pack Lunches And Snacks After Kids Are In Bed

10 Tips for a Stress-Free Morning Routine and Getting 3 Kids out of the House in 20 Minutes or Less | parenting tips | #parenting #parentingtips #morningroutine #lifehacks #mommying #mommytips #organization #familylifestyle

When Christian and I both worked full-time, we would prepare the kids’ lunch and snack boxes right after putting them in bed.

While I very much dislike the exercise, I would definitely not want to have to deal with it in the morning.

Within 15 minutes of the kids being in bed, their boxes are in the fridge and all we have to do in the morning, is to take them out and pack them in their backpacks.

Now that I work from home and pick up the kids from school, I get all of their lunches and snacks prepared as I supervise their homework.

7- Check Kids’ School Schedules In The Evening

Once the food is ready, I go to each child’s monthly planner and make sure they have what they need for the next day:

  • library books for the one who has library the next day
  • all homework packed in their folder since we do a lot of it over the weekend
  • all permission slips, forms, money clipped in their agenda
  • gymnastics or golf clothes for after-school activities

8- Let Them Sleep As Long As Possible

As I mentioned before, sleep is sacred in our household. I will let our children sleep as long as they need to.

They rarely need to be woken up to go to school, but if one of them is sleeping in, I will wake him up 5 minutes before leaving, help him to get dressed and give him cereal bars in the car.

I always found that the extra 15 minutes of sleep much outweigh the grumpy breakfast they would have had if I had to pull them out of bed to sit at the table!

9- Make Breakfast A Routine

10 Tips for a Stress-Free Morning Routine and Getting 3 Kids out of the House in 20 Minutes or Less | parenting tips | #parenting #parentingtips #morningroutine #lifehacks #mommying #mommytips #organization #familylifestyle

If you’ve been reading us for a little while, you know that meal times are not a negotiation in our household. There is one meal and everyone eats from it. I don’t cook twice or customize to anyone’s tastes, and our kids know the rules and eat from everything!

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Mornings are no exception. It is milk and cereals or oatmeal – it is actually the only meal where they have a choice.

For them to know what to expect, makes our morning routine very easy. I put milk in everyone’s bowl and set 5 or 6 boxes of breakfast cereals on the table. From there, they tell us which kind they want to eat and breakfast is a 10-minute exercise.

10- No Screen Distraction In The Morning

You know I am not a big fan of screens at anytime of the day for kids. But mornings are DEFINITELY screen-free!

The hardest part is on us, parents. I do enjoy reading my emails and catching up on social media as I have breakfast….

On days when I don’t, however, my stress level is close to none. I’d much rather chat with the kids, make sure everyone is getting ready, supervise the dressing-up and shoe process, and ensure everyone is doing what they should be doing.

By removing the screen distraction from my own schedule, I save precious time and stay focused on leaving the house on time.

As far as the kids go, there is absolutely no screen in our house until 6PM anyways 🙂

Morning Routine For Stress-Free School Days

10 Tips for a Stress-Free Morning Routine and Getting 3 Kids out of the House in 20 Minutes or Less | parenting tips | #parenting #parentingtips #morningroutine #lifehacks #mommying #mommytips #organization #familylifestyle

We have followed this morning routine for the last 7 years and it has been a life-saver. I don’t like getting out of bed myself and having everyone efficient in the morning, allows me to only get up 20 minutes prior to leaving the house!

Most of it is simply planning and organizing the night before.

Some of it is also setting expectations with your children. Mornings are meant for being efficient in waking up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, and leaving the house on time.

Our kids are now 7, 5, and 3 and our mornings are generally well-oiled and stress free!

If you have any other tips, please share them below for our other parents!!

Happy School Mornings, you all!

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10 Tips for a Stress-Free Morning Routine and Getting 3 Kids out of the House in 20 Minutes or Less | parenting tips | #parenting #parentingtips #morningroutine #lifehacks #mommying #mommytips #organization #familylifestyle
10 Tips for a Stress-Free Morning Routine and Getting 3 Kids out of the House in 20 Minutes or Less | parenting tips | #parenting #parentingtips #morningroutine #lifehacks #mommying #mommytips #organization #familylifestyle

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I really can see that these are actual learnings as your kids grow. Nice you have the platform to share so others will learn too.

  2. These are some great ideas. My family are NOT morning people, so we need all the help we can get. We do shower in the evening at least, so that helps.

  3. Some of these tips can easily apply to adults without children as well, not only to parents. I do need to start deciding on my outfits the day before, same with my breakfast.

    • That’s right!!! My personal routine just became a family routine when the kids were born, but this totally applies to adults too!! Thank you Joanna!

  4. These tips are SO smart! I know it is all about routine and sticking to a schedule. It really does help kids feel secure and function at their best. Honestly, I should probably practice some of these just for myself!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Before I had kids, I would prepare my clothes in the morning. Now I am just too tired to take care of it before bed, yet I regret it every morning! 🙂

  5. These some like some great tips to get you through the morning routine as easily as you can! I think we all want the start of our day to be as stressfree as possible.

    • Right?! Agreed! If it could be as easy as waking up, brewing coffee, and happily leaving the house, I’d be happy to get out of bed in the morning! 🙂

  6. I don’t have my own kids yet, but these tips seem to be really great, as mornings with kids may be a little bit stressful. I’ll share this article with my mommy friends! 🙂

  7. I love how organised you are. It is so much better to leave the house without screaming in the mornings

    • The no-screaming part is my ultimate goal!!! 🙂 But we are slowly getting there! I don’t have the most coachable children 🙂

  8. The idea of taking care of 3 kids stressed me out already lol but you nailed it down to a routine, amazing!!!

  9. these all sound like great tips to make a stress free morning. i def like the idea of doing homework the night before.

    • Yes, that’s the best time saver. The kids don’t love coming home and getting straight to homework, but it’s the best way to manage it. I like telling them that they have 2 hours until dinner and they can manage it the way they want. We can spend an hour on homework and an hour on playing outside. Or 15 minutes on homework and 1.45hr on playing 🙂

  10. You are so organised and your time management is excellent. Seems your house runs like clockwork. I totally agree having a routine is the best way to keep on top of things.

    • Aw, thank you! Not quite clock work yet but, at least, the kids know the expectations. We still need to repeat and remind… but for the most part, it all works out nicely! 🙂

  11. This post is just so so helpful! We are having a no screen morning kind of week and things are going so smoothly! Everyone gets their own things done and we are out like a lightning!

    • That’s so awesome!! For a brief period of time over the Holidays, we allowed them to turn on the TV when they woke up, so we could sleep in a little longer than usual. That was the worst idea we ever had!! Oh my goodness, the fights, the cries, and their over-stimulation that early in the morning…. they even started waking up ultra-early just so they could watch TV! We took it away again and never had another problem morning!

  12. I have a baby. Your tips will really come handy when she LL grow up.

  13. I don’t have kids but these sound like great tips for people that do! Kids are a lot of work.

  14. It sounds a challenge. I watch my grandson for some days. He is almost 2 years old and I can’t do anything when he is at home. Thank you for the tips. It’s very useful.

    • Oh of course! How nice of you to look after him. Two is a difficult age – they’re always on the run and you need to watch them like milk on the fire! Good luck!

  15. It must be so difficult to manage all of them. But you seem to be taking care happily as per the pics. 🙂 Good to be so well organized 🙂

  16. ohmy these tips are superrrr helpful! thank you so much for sharing!

  17. Alexandra Cook

    I definitely agree with the getting the most done during the week. Kids need time to relax and weekends shouldn’t be used as work days.

  18. These are great morning tips. I actually get up at 5 am and have more time and quiet in the house before everyone else wakes up. Makes me super productive.

  19. I can apply some tips on myself. Pre-planning the outfit that I will wear for next day is a good way to save some time in the morning

  20. Very good tips! Great way to prepare ! Thanks for sharing ! We follow this routine all the time !

  21. GladysNava

    I love the ideas you shared. 20 minutes in 3kids? Oh wow! That really makes me so amazed, I like the way you prepare your kids.

  22. leading by example by not having morning screentime usage is a life saver for families. I also think meal preps are so much more efficient now!

    • Meal prep is definitely our biggest time-saver in the morning! We can just get up, pull everything out of the fridge, and it’s ready!

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