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Tip #4 – 6 Tips to Lower your A/C Bill This Summer

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy for more information. As summer slowly settles in and temperatures steadily rise, most Americans will start hearing the gentle noise from their A/C kicking in. Every time I hear mine, I think $$$. Tough time for a Floridian! But […]

French Kid

How one of my kids is totally French

We have three kids. Their blood, half German / half French, is tinted with shades of Dutch and Bulgarian. Their culture is clearly 50% American / 50% Franco-Germano-Swiss, all places they lived and grew up in. Three languages are spoken at the dinner table. Christian will make a statement in […]

How to stop child from crying

The Day I Asked my Daughter to Cry

We all had one of those moments, when nothing makes sense and nothing you can say will resonate with your crying child. I would love to say that it gets better once out of the toddler stage, but I’d be lying…  So… we live in Florida – end of April […]