Cove Cafe Food after 6PM on board the Disney Magic is the best kept secret at DCL
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Best Food On Board The Disney Magic

Who does not cruise for the food..?!?! I must warn you that this post could make you hungry and may create serious cravings! If you are brave enough, let’s embark on a savory adventure on Disney Cruise Line!

Our last cruise was a 13-night itinerary on the Disney Magic and this is a run down of my favorite foods on board the ship. Anything in bold is a dish served only in the restaurant under which I listed it. All other dishes are part of the rotation and could appear on the menu of any sit-down restaurant on board the Disney Magic! Bon appétit!


Lumiere's Restaurant detail on board the Disney Magic

I clearly have an affinity for French food but my expectations are also high and Lumière’s never disappoint. Those are my favorite dishes there: 

  • Escargots – baked in a non-traditional sauce, the escargots are large and delightful 
  • French onion soup – my 3-year old drank half of it and I had to order a second one. Just watch as it comes extremely hot! 

French Onion Soup at Lumiere's on board the Disney cruise ships is one of the best onion french soups you'll ever have!

  • Lamb Shank – if you like lamb, don’t let this one pass by and be sure to enjoy the mint jelly that comes with it

Lamb shank at Lumiere's on board the Disney Magic is one of the best pieces of lamb you'll ever eat!

  • Palo’s Salmon – since we were on a 13-night cruise, the chef had to get creative and offer new items. We got very lucky one night, when the salmon from Palo made an appearance on the Lumière’s menu!!

Salmon dish from Palo on board the Disney cruise ships is to die for!

  • Double chocolate lava cake – served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, perfectly warm and wonderfully drooly!

Lumiere's Double Chocolate Lava Cake on the Disney Magic

  • Passion Fruit-Flavored Crème Brulée – sorry… I had to take a bite first… this crème brulée is a chef d’oeuvre. It is passion fruit-flavored and my first time breaking away from the traditional vanilla, and I did not regret it!!

Creme Brulee at Lumiere's (Disney Magic) with a macaron on top - one of the best creme brûlées you'll ever have!

Animator’s Palate

Animator's Palate Table Detail on board the Disney Magic

This restaurant is so much fun that you’d almost forget what you just ate. Those are my favorites:

  • Chicken “bastela” – a delightful mix of spiced chicken with hints of sugar and cinnamon, transporting you to some far away Northern African land

Animator's Palate Pastilla on Disney Magic

  • Ahi Tuna Tartar on a bed of cucumber and mango, served with wasabi and sesame wonton crisps and a sweet chili-mayo – as fresh as it gets and one of the best appetizers on board!

Ahi Tuna on board the Disney Magic. Best foods on Disney Cruise Line

  • Gingered Soba Noodles – I am not a fan of ginger but the eggplants and shiitake mushroom sounded appealing on the menu. I was not disappointed! This turned out to be one of my favorite meals on board. If you look for it, it is in the vegetarian section of the menu!

Gingered Soba Noodles with Eggplant and Shiitake Mushroom on board the Disney Magic is one of the best dishes on board and totally vegetarian

  • Sundae – the cookies and cream ice cream is delicious

Rapunzel’s Royal Table

Rapunzel's Royal Table Detail on board the Disney Magic

  • Snuggly Duckling Platter – this one is its own trip to Germany with a selection of charcuterie with pumpernickel and German mustard

Snuggly Duckling Platter at Rapunzel's Royal Table is its own trip to Germany!

  • Creamy goat cheese & red and yellow beet tower – hands-down my favorite appetizer on the ship. It was an explosion of flavors and visual beauty. Please order!

Creamy Goat Cheese and Yellow Beets at Rapunzel's Royal Table on board the Disney Magic

  • Baked brioche with Andouille sausage, dates, and brie, glazed with honey – that dish boasted so many flavors of my homeland, it was a definite winner!
  • Rapunzel’s Birthday Sundae – Goodness, what a masterpiece. Since you will be celebrating Rapunzel’s birthday, she has prepared a confetti sundae with a candy candle on top!! You will never forget this birthday sundae!

Rapunzel's Birthday Sundae on the Disney Magic is a one-of-a-kind sundae you will never forget

Build A Bowl Station

Build a Bowl Station on board the Disney Magic is the perfect place for a mid-afternoon healthy snack

If you’re looking for an alternative to the restaurants for lunch, or to satisfy a mid-afternoon snack, the Build a Bowl Station is your place of choice. Choose from many options including quinoa, rices, nuts, lentil curry, Brunswick stew, roasted cauliflower soup, guacamole, dried tomatoes, and many more ingredients, and build yourself a healthy and filling bowl.

Build a Bowl on Board the Disney Magic offers a great variety of healthy foods to create your own salads!

I had so much fun creating different bowls and combining flavors throughout the cruise. You’ll find this little gem right outside of Cabana’s, at Daisy’s De-Light, starboard side.

Cove Café After 6PM

Cove Cafe Food after 6PM on board the Disney Magic is the best kept secret at DCL

I love Cove Café, inside the adult-only pool area. Enjoy premium coffees in the newly renovated café. They’ll even serve specialty coffees in chocolate covered ice cream cones! Throughout the day, help yourself to beautiful little sweet touches such as chocolate / orange muffins, cranberry squares, etc. After 6PM however, specialty cheeses and prosciutto are served. Two of my favorite snacks! 

Finger Food

Because there wouldn’t really be cruising without finger food, Disney Criuse Line hits it out of the park with their Chicken Tenders. Perfectly fried in a peppery batter, they are accompanied by french fries, better than anywhere on land. The only other place I found them was at Disney Vacation Club’s Vero Beach. They are delightful! 

The other wonderful finger food on board the Disney Magic is what most Europeans call kebab. With a choice of beef / lamb or chicken, the meat gets shaved off of the roasting grill and put in a pocket with your choice of sauces and sides. If you truly love the meat, drop the pocket and ask for a plate full of the beef / lamb, and add a bit of mint yogurt sauce and chipotle mayonnaise to it. You won’t regret it!

Kebab Onboard the Disney Magic

And our kids’ favorite – the self-serve ice cream! Vanilla and chocolate are always available and each day sees a new flavor (i.e., banana, blueberry, etc.).Soft Serve Ice Cream On Board all Disney Cruise Line ships is one of the best at sea and on land!

We hope you have a lot of fun experiencing the different foods on board the Disney Cruise ships! If you have a favorite one that is not listed above, PLEASE let us know!! We’ll make sure to try it next time we’re on the ships!

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Best food on board the Disney Magic, from main plates to finger food, you will want to order those mouthwatering dishes!!

Best food on board the Disney Magic, from main plates to finger food, you will want to order those mouthwatering dishes!!

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