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5 Tips to Save Money Without Giving Up Quality of Life

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Living frugal is a lifestyle. It becomes a habit. Something you just do without thinking.

Living frugal helps you get out of debt faster. It does not really require more efforts, only changing habits. It gives you financial freedom.

Those are things we do without thinking. They have become natural and will become natural to you as you start ripping the benefits. Happy saving!

1- Shop Your Insurances Once a Year

Car Insurance

This one literally takes a phone call and possibly a couple of website visits. Our insurances are up in a couple of weeks and Christian gave our insurance broker a call a few days ago. He simply asked him to shop all of our insurances to give us the best quote for the same coverage.

By switching providers, we are saving $250 on our car insurances and $150 on our home insurance next year. There you go – $400 we will be able to put towards other expenses.

All it took was a phone call. You could also shop insurances online but we have been very happy with our insurance broker over the years and trust him to get us good rates. This is the easiest money saving tip!

2- Be Considerate of your Energy Usage

A/C Tips

This one should be a given but I recently heard a friend say: “I don’t know how much my power bill is. I have to pay it anyways, so why look at it?”

There are hundreds of dollars to be saved each year. Hundreds! It only takes changing habits and you really won’t be changing your quality of life.

Water –

My brain has that bad habit of seeing dollars run out of faucets. We never open the faucet to full blast, unless we are filling a bottle or jug. Use as much water as you really need; everything else is waste and leads to a higher bill. You will find that you can do the dishes on very little water. Quickly get everything wet. Turn your water off. Spread detergent and brush. Open the water half way to rinse off. DO NOT let the water running as you do the dishes.

Other easy habits include shutting the water off as you brush your teeth. Opening the faucet only half way was you wash your hands or face.

Power –

Make sure to turn off lights you do not need. Before leaving in the morning, go around the house and make sure all lights and fans are turned off. Unless for true safety purposes, turn your porch lights off at night. Read here our tips to reduce your A/C bill in the summer.

Changing your habits will pay off and you could save over $100 in power each month.

This one will require a bit of an investment but will pay off in the long term. Change all of your light bulbs for LED bulbs. They come in all shapes and colors and you don’t have to jeopardize style to save with LEDs. You can save up to 80% in energy use over the regular 60-watt bulbs and they last over 10 years! That’s a one-time investment of about $3 per bulb, that will pay off within months!

3- Look at Your Grocery Bill

Wine at Aldi

One of our biggest weekly expense is groceries. We are feeding 5 mouths and we cook every meal at home. We could shop at the local grocery store – it is convenient and right near by. But we are giving up a bit of convenience to save over $100 each week. We are cutting our grocery bills in half by shopping at Aldi. We love the products and find plenty of imported foods we grew up with. Read our article here to understand how Aldi keeps their prices low and why we love shopping there!

Our second grocery hack is Walmart Grocery. I had never shopped at Walmart until they came up with their Grocery service about 2 years ago. They are pushing the concept to more and more of their super centers across the US. The concept is simple: you shop online or through the app, chose a pick up time, drive there and they load your car with your groceries. That is convenience at its best! The app is awesome. I have all of my favorites saved up and simply re-order what I need. When I need something special, the search function lets me chose from a very large selection. I find that I save a ton of money shopping with Walmart Grocery since I don’t get tempted while walking the aisles! I also save a ton of time. I can literally do my weekly shopping from my bed in less than 5 minutes.

4- Rethink your Subscriptions

Kite Flyings

Companies today, make it very easy and convenient to set up auto payments. Once a year, take a look at which subscriptions are running and you might be surprised. I keep a close eye on my bank accounts and one had slipped through for a couple of months. Question everything you see. We are starting to question whether we truly need the VOIP phone service we have had for 10 years for example. Make sure you are only using services offering you a great value.

5- Reconsider Your Kids’ Needs for Toys

Kids be kids

Most homes with kids are filled with toys. They pile up in cases and bins around the house and rarely get touched. Have you considered giving your kids a bit of freedom of play? Let them jump in puddles and pick up sticks. No toy on this planet could make my son happier than a wooden stick!

Go outside with them and build a fairy garden with kindness stones and a couple of succulents. Throw balls, go on walks, look for details through binoculars. Leave those toys in the stores and understand what your children really enjoy doing.

We only have a handful of toys that are actually played with and most others are abandoned, including almost every single plush… For birthdays and Christmas, consider giving your kids experiences instead of expensive toys. If you don’t save money, you will at least create memories!

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