Crayola Window Markers – Best Gift This Summer

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I recently took the girls to Crayola Experience, and since it was just us girls, we finally got to check out the shop on our way out! As annual pass holders, we receive 20% off merchandise and while I had not planned on purchasing anything, something caught my attention. As I walked past an employee’s cart, I noticed a pile of Crayola Window Markers she was getting ready to put on the shelves. When I asked where I could find those, I was told that they weren’t to be found anywhere yet.

Crayola Window Markers

A very kind manager approached me to see if she could answer my question and invited me to take a box from the cart directly. She also asked me to wait right there as she went to fetch something from the back of the store. She came back with a new product – Crystal Effect Window Markers!

Those looked so cool that we got a box of each and Ava asked to get some Crystal Effects Markers for her friend’s birthday party that week!

Crayola Window Markers

Once we got home, the girls wanted to start drawing immediately. I first cleaned their windows to make sure the markers would meet clean glass and work to their best effect. I also thought it would make cleaning easier.

This young lady made me a bit nervous and I stayed right near her the whole time. You just never know when that pen will go from glass to wall… but she did amazing!

Crayola Markers on Glass

She had to use every single color in the pack and created a beautiful scribble on her windows. When she got too close to the frame for my comfort, I wiped the creation right off. I used a damp cloth and it came off immediately, not leaving any marks! Very easy and mess-free!

Crayola Crystal Effect Window Markers

Crayola Crystal Window Markers

Now those are the starts of the show! The crystal effect window markers are totally amazing!

Crayola recommends a warm window, if possible exposed to direct sunlight since the markers react to solar energy. Living in Florida, our windows are warm enough and we did not use one exposed to the sun at that moment. Ava’s reaction to her first try was priceless:

She could not believe what she was seeing! Those markers are magic!! As you start drawing with them, they slowly transform into crystals and you see it happen right in front of your eyes. We were so impressed and those kids played quietly in their rooms for over 45 minutes! That might have been a first this summer!

The next morning, we heard Ava singing in her bedroom. As Christian rushed upstairs to prevent her from waking up her siblings, he found her at her window, applied at drawing some more.

Make Sure to Grab Some for the Summer

Those markers are amazing and I would recommend you grab some for a fun summer. They are the perfect birthday gift or treat to your own kids. With the warm summer sun, the window markers work really well and they will create hours of fun and creation for your little ones (and most likely yourself…)!

Amazon has them on sale for $3.99 right now, which is cheaper than what I bought them at the store!!

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