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Tip #2 – Target REDcard

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I don’t like leaving money on the table. I like to think of myself as a maximizer. If there is a cheaper way to do things, you can count me in.

While I do not shop at Target very often, I do enjoy the occasional stroll, which generally has me come out with things I did not even know I “needed”. Anyone else with me on that one?

Target is pretty awesome

I really do enjoy Target – wide and clean aisles, beautiful selection of home and kitchen products,  kids enjoy the toy section and they do offer pretty stinking-cute clothing. I also really like their grocery area. While I do not chose to shop there every week, I’ll hit the store if Aldi does not have what I am looking for.

There are many of us though, who use Target as a one-stop shop. Super convenient and a pleasant experience, you can come out with your bread for the week and a couple of new bowls to replace the ones the dog knocked down that morning.

Target REDcard

Even to the occasional shopper that I am, if you tell me that I am leaving 5% off the table every time I do not use the REDcard, I will not be a happy camper.

Target offers a debit card and a credit card, for which you can apply online.

The REDcard debit card is accessible to individuals above 16, while you must be at least 18 to apply for the credit card and both can be used at Target stores and only. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Receive 5% off every day, even on the in-store Starbucks locations!
  • The 5% apply to the Target Subscriptions, which has your everyday essentials delivered right to your door on the schedule that works for you, as well as the Specialty Gift Cards (that’s 5% off your next Uber ride and movie tickets, right there!!)
  • Get up to 15% discount when you sign up to eligible Baby Subscriptions such as diapers, wipes, and formula when you use your REDcard as payment type and click “subscribe to save 5%”
  • Get early access to select events, products, and promotions
  • Gain access to exclusive extras planned throughout the year at Target’s discretion

credit vs. debit card

As mentioned above, you need to be 18 to apply to the credit card, while you can get the debit card at age 16.

The debit card will link to your existing checking account and allows you to withdraw up to $40 at checkout. You can view transactions and manage your PIN on the REDcard website.

The credit card will issue a monthly bill, which you will be able to manage online through your REDcard profile.

Please apply to credit cards responsibly. Be aware of the potential application implications to your credit score and be sure you can afford the debt. This is by no means a program that will be beneficial to all readers and we want to be sure you make the right decision when it comes to your personal finances. 

Do you own a Target REDcard? Are you happy with it? Do you recommend it to your fellow Frugal For Luxury readers? 

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