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Tip #3 – Amazon Prime

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As you’ll come to know me, you’ll learn that I am not a big shopper. I generally don’t like spending money on things. I will overlook a bottle of soda of $1 or a new shirt at $15, thinking that my money can be better invested. I will however gladly spend money (good deals only!) on travel and experience.

I never had a strong taste for shopping. I get frustrated, browsing aisle after aisle full of clothings and goods that I could afford but decide not to. When I finally find something I might like to wear, I try it on, and it won’t fit exactly the way I want it to fit… For that reason, I have been shopping online almost exclusively for the last 10 years or so. I adopted Amazon super early on and never looked back.

My husband and I have been Amazon Prime members since the late 2000’s and I never looked back on the value of our membership!

Amazon Prime – the concept

The main reason why I signed up to Amazon Prime was to receive free shipping. At the time, shopping online meant paying shipping fees in most cases. Amazon Prime was revolutionary and I could buy online, without having to deal with the frustration of shopping, the hundreds of other shoppers at the mall, traffic and finding a parking spot! I could do it all from the comfort of my home and get it shipped right to my home at no extra cost.

AMazon prime’s many benefits

Over the years, Amazon Prime added many benefits, all included in the price of your yearly membership. Those are some of my favorite, and definitely NOT an exclusive list, which can be found here:

  • Prime delivery gives you unlimited FREE 2-day shipping on over 100 million items and FREE same-day and 2-hour delivery in select areas. The other day, I needed a last-minute item for my daughter’s pool party and I received her goggles before 8PM on the day I ordered them! How cool is that?! I call it service and convenient!
  • Prime Video is an online streaming platform. As a Prime member, you receive free access to thousands and movies and award-winning TV shows such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which we binge-watched and gave us some good laughs! My husband and I are actually considering getting rid of Netflix. There is just so much to watch on Amazon Prime Video!

  • Prime Music is a wonderful resource. We personally own a Amazon Echo device (we are slightly obsessed with everything Amazon…) and it will play a bunch of free music through Prime Music! Amazon claims to have a growing selection of 2 million songs available, always ad-free! If like us, you are music junkies, you will receive a special discount on Music Unlimited if you are a Prime Member. We pay $7.99 / month, instead of $9.99 / month to access tens of millions of songs!! If you own an Amazon Echo, a special plan is available at $3.99 . month for the Echo-only plan! We recommend giving the 30-day free trial a chance before committing, by clicking here: Try Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial

  • Prime Photos is probably the most valuable benefit of a Prime membership and we use it daily across all of our devices. I can’t say enough about this one! You get FREE unlimited photo storage for you and 5 others. This is worth the price of the membership in itself. We have downloaded the app on all of our devices and as soon as we snap a photo, it uploads to our Amazon cloud. I get to see and share with my family the photos that we both take, all from one app. I am also confidently erasing media from my cell phone to free up space, knowing that everything is safely saved on Prime Photos! I get 99% of the photos shared on this blog from my years of photographing on Prime Photos! I have years of memories at my fingertips everywhere I go. Love that piece of mind!
  • Early access to special sales and those much-anticipated Prime Days, when Amazon lets go of greatly discounted products for a day. Those are global shopping events exclusively for Prime members, reminiscent of a Black Friday sale. If Amazon follows its trend, we should expect it to hit sometimes in July! We will keep you updated!


For $99 / year, or $12.99 / month, you will receive a full year of benefits. Everything listed above is included and you can share your memberships with your family.

Amazon Household allows 2 adult family members and up to 4 children to share the Prime benefits. You will share your payment method with your family members, so make sure you keep this within your immediate family – spouse and children!

Amazon Business extends your Prime shipping benefits to your business, pending you are the only user of the benefit.

final review

Overall, Amazon Prime is probably the best investment I renew each year. I shop almost exclusively online and definitely hit before any other website when looking to purchase something. Amazon Prime is giving peace of mind with FREE shipping and we have enjoyed most of its benefits for years now, largely over delivering on the $99 value! Sign up today!

Start with the 30-day Amazon Prime Free trial to decide for yourself whether this is worth it:Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

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