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Your Kid Plays Sports, Now What? | Youth Sports | Kids Athletics | Young Athlete | Parenting Tips | Parenting an Athlete | #parentingtips #youthsports #kidathlete #parentofathlete #onthefield #behavior

Your Kid Plays Sports, Now What?

So you have a pre-schooler, elementary, or middle school child, and he plays sports. Did you sign him up for t-ball, gymnastics, or tennis? Golf, football, or swimming, maybe? You are taking her to weekly practice and weekend games, spending several hundred dollars and countless hours on the court every […]

6 Safety Tips to Prevent Fire During Christmas | Holiday Safety | Safe Christmas | Christmas Tree | Fire Prevention Tips | Christmas with a Toddler | Christmas Tips | #Chirstmastips #FirePrevention #FireTips #PreventingFires #SafeHolidays #HolidaySeason #ParentingTips #LifewithaToddler #ChritmaswithToddler

6 Tips To Prevent Fires During The Holidays

It is December and most people in our town have now decorated their homes, both indoors and outdoors. Everything is beautifully lit-up and I love watching thousands of glittering lights sparkle the streets, and Christmas trees shining inside everyone’s home. With electricity on all night, extension cord overloads, candles burning, […]